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Store Policy

Customer Care

Thank you for your interest in my products. I am working hard to produce high quality services and goods. Since I am a self starter and self publishing company please keep in mind that I am doing my best. I will do everything I can to give you the best service possible. If you should have any questions feel free to reach out through the contacts page.

Privacy & Safety

For your privacy your information with not be shared with any other companies or websites.

Please note that all items should be taken care of properly and used safely. All items could cause a possible hazard if not taken care of. Do not put any items over face or head to avoid suffocation. Do not eat or put any of the items in mouth to avoid choking. When washing be sure to follow the care instructions to give the product the longest life possible. Do not get the books wet to avoid damage to paper. If you should have any problems please contact me through contacts page.

Wholesale Inquiries

Some items may be available to order at a wholesale pricing.

If you wish to order bulk items then please contact me for pricing and availability.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Methods
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